INDRAi – Personalize Your In-Store Experience

Leverage analytics to understand your customers and improve service quality

For retail customers, three things matter the most: quality product, at great prices, and with good discounts and offers. This has been easily possible in online stores, where digital technologies enable capturing customer behavior and preferences for targeted marketing communications.

INDRAi, a CCTV-based video analytics solution for the retail industry, sets this skew right by empowering offline stores to leverage digital technologies solutions as well by capturing customer data, customizing marketing communication and increasing customer delight.

Traditionally, physical stores relied on the memory and capabilities of their shop assistants to service their customers, understand their preferences and win loyalty. In a digitized world where they compete not only with other physical stores with similar limitations but also e-commerce portals with access to Data Analytics capabilities, they can find it challenging to provide the kind of shopping experience that customers are getting used to online.

With INDRAi, retailers can now provide shoppers with the benefits of online shopping while letting them enjoy the excitement of browsing physical stores.

Key Benefits of INDRAi

Profile Your Walk-In Customer

Offer personalized customer service and greater engagement to your in-store customers with INDRAi, a CCTV-based software-solution for more targeted marketing. The software captures videos of how customers behave in their store and enables profiling them, their preferences, and category-wise engagement. This can help in creating shopping experiences that increase customer engagement and satisfaction.

Analytics for Improved Product Mix

With INDRAi, retail chains can capture details of product movement and conversion rates from traffic to engagement and sales in different outlets and stock accordingly. This can also help with creating marketing campaigns such as discounts, promotions, new product launches with customized communication even to the level of deciding the color and the font that will appeal to them.

Employee Performance Analysis

INDRAi can facilitate the assessment of the performance of the shop floor assistants, the time they spend with the customers, their productivity, their interaction and effectiveness with customers, engagement levels, the number and duration of their breaks, speed of billing and happiness to index. This can be used to provide training and improve their performance as well as satisfaction levels.

INDRAi – A Cloud-Based, Flexible Retail Analytics Solution

INDRAi is a cloud-based solution requiring a CCTV/IP camera in the store that can be connected to the cloud server through any network. A POS device receives alerts using a web-based application that is device-neutral.

The data generated can be processed and analyzed in the store on an Edge Machine or sent to the cloud through live streaming in real-time while ensuring data security and compliance with the customer’s data governance policies.

Retail Segments INDRAi is Best-Suited For

The solution is ideal for segments with high engagement but low conversion such as:

  • Apparel
  • Sportswear
  • Fashion
  • Cosmetics