DevOps-driven approach to agile software development with Digitech Labs

Shorten the product development lifecycle and ensure Continuous Delivery (CD) of software with Digitech Labs’ DevOps Tools and Culture. 

Multi-disciplinary team of experts

Focused on business outcomes

Agile Practices and Tools

Expertise in cloud-native tools

Lower cost of development

With a shorter application development lifecycle from design to development, optimize resource utilization and reduce the overall cost of development.

Digitech DevOps solutions incorporate a toolchain or an integrated set of solutions to reduce manual intervention, minimize errors, increase team agility and ensure scalability.

Modernize your applications in a phased manner

Protecting your existing investments while enabling you to modernize is the goal of Digitech’s DevOps solution approach.

To this end, we use containers, Kubernetes and microservices that can help you prioritize and achieve your objectives in a phased manner.

Goal-setting and aligning the development strategy to the vision of your organization is one of Digitech’s key strengths.

Improve Customer Delight

Modernizing apps can improve customer experience, which certainly drives growth and revenues.

With a faster speed of development, DevOps takes you closer to your goals quickly and helps you deliver on your promise more efficiently.

With Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, develop new products and features faster and increase customer satisfaction.

Ease of Collaboration

DevOps enables integrating the different phases of product development, even security and machine learning projects, facilitating greater visibility and creating a more integrated solution.

Digitech can set up systems for enabling the various stakeholders to communicate and collaborate better as they bring the product to fruition.

Accelerate Innovation

By automating the development process, the DevOps development environment frees up your team to focus on other important tasks.

It lets your team solve problems faster and accelerate growth and innovation as a result.

Digitech Labs’ DevOps framework helped us launch newer features quickly, one after another. It ensured uninterrupted application performance.

Founder & CEO, Omnichannel Retailer of Electronic Products.

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of new software developed will be deployed in containers

* Source: DevOps Trends from IDC & Gartner

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Only 35% of new software developed will utilize a DevOps framework. DevOps is not applicable in all contexts

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of DevOps efforts will fail because of gaps in organizational learning

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