Web-Mobile-Ecommerce Design And Development

Irrespective of the industry vertical, we believe everyone is in the business of “engaging customers”. B2B or B2C we have the ability to identify, define and design how different stakeholders can stay truly connected with the brand.

We bring >500 person years of collective Web Design, Development, eCommerce and Digital Marketing/Brand Building experience that has enabled >100 customer businesses to succeed with our partnership. These include businesses in Small, Medium and Large segments across industry verticals.


We understand that moving from an off-line to an on-line business model can be time consuming.

Our automated, PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution can accelerate the go-to-market time by 30% (faster) and reduce cost for going on-line by >20% (Better).

Our SMEs have enabled growth, scale and reach for our customer’s business(es) by generating ideas, building products and accelerating growth.

Our approach to an engagement is architecturally aligned to achieve scale, growth, security and amenability to change.

Build - Design and Develop

A list of websites, mobile apps and ecommerce applications that demonstrate our capabilities.

An application built on top of our product that helps consumers explore dishes made by local artisan chefs in their city.

Website Case Study

A franchise model implementation of our commerce stack. The business is using backend systems and the development of a customer-facing, Website and apps are in progress.

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A platform that helps address some of the pressing and unmet healthcare needs in the ostomy space.

Website | Android App | iOS App

A leading superstar’s initiative to launch his own D2C brand.

Website | Android App | iOS App
We bring >500 person-years of collective Web Design, Development, and eCommerce solutions capability. We have enabled >100 businesses to succeed with our partnership.
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