Automation & RPA Solutions from Digitech Labs

Digitech Labs helps a wide-range of companies – from startups to Fortune 2000 corporations – optimize resources and reduce manual errors by automating repetitive tasks with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Our subject matter experts will help you Design, Build, Manage and Run your digital robots with a single hub to manage all your automation requirements. Our consultants will help you identify the right processes to automate both across the company or by department.

Automate repetitive tasks

Drive efficiency into operational processes

Speed up innovation efforts

Save time and costs

Increase Throughput

Automating repetitive tasks such as document processing, entity onboarding, know your customer and payments processing improves the speed, accuracy and efficiency of processes.

With Digitech’s RPA solution, you can reduce the time taken for a process from weeks and months to a few hours or days.

This helps reduce costs and frees up resources to focus more on value addition and increasing customer delight.

Faster ‘Time to Value’ of Automation Projects

Digitech’s team of experts works closely with our customers to understand the various processes and recommend best-fit solutions.

Using agile methodologies, we can roll out your automation projects quickly, creating, developing and testing solutions in parallel.

From design to the dashboard, Digitech creates bespoke solutions specifically catering to your business goals and processes.

Create a Culture of Innovation

Repetitive tasks tend to bog down employees and also eat into their time.

With Digitech’s automation solutions, your employees focus on driving innovation in key performance areas such as product development and customer service, thereby increasing their participation in accelerating growth.

24x7 Availability of Digital Workforce

Robots don’t get tired and do not need a break!
By having your digital workforce available 24×7, you can speed up functions such as on-boarding, know your customer and so on for improving business efficiency.

Enable Continuous Improvement

RPA also generates data on every process being executed, thereby empowering businesses with greater insights into areas of improvement.

With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning integration, the digital workforce efficiency can increase dramatically, future accelerating revenue growth.

Digitech Labs’ helped us automate key tasks in the customer on-boarding workflow with a cutting-edge RPA Solution.

Head of Digital Transformation at an Insurance Company

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