Cloud Governance Accelerator

Streamline Multi-Cloud Operations and Ensure Continuous Cloud Governance with Digitech Labs.

Accelerate growth and innovation with continuous and autonomous cloud governance and compliance at scale. Automate highly available and lean tasks such as monitoring, activity tracking, alerts and remediation, patch-management, back-up and restore with our state of the art solution accelerator to streamline multi-cloud operations and ensure autonomous cloud governance.

Digitech leverages CoreStack, an AI-powered solution for cloud governance, to eliminate redundancies and standardise multi-cloud operations.

Why Digitech Labs

Streamline multi-cloud operations

Ensure cloud governance

Keep your cloud highly secure

Optimize cloud costs

Identify and Mitigate Security Risks

While facilitating digital transformation, multi-cloud environments can also expose businesses to security threats that need to be identified and mitigated.

Digitech provides businesses with a unified view of their enterprise security status and strengthens it to protect data privacy and integrity.

Be Compliant with Applicable Standards

Data security is a business-critical requirement further impelled by regulatory requirements to protect stakeholder interests.

By utilizing the Core stack solution, Digitech enables businesses to align their processes with applicable regulatory requirements and become compliant.

Improve Operational Efficiencies and Governance with CoreStack

Cloud is the pivot on which businesses are driving the digital transformation efforts. CloudStack enables its customers across industry segments to derive value through its uniquely differentiated solution that facilitates rapid transformation.

Its core focus is centered around its four products: Enterprise Cloud Governance, Enterprise Cloud Compliance, MSP Cloud Governance and Cloud Lab as a Service. These empower businesses to improve their operational efficiency without compromising their security and compliance while keeping the cost of transformation low. 

It also offers solutions for managed services and e-learning for achieving the desired outcomes quickly and cost-effectively.

Use AI/ML-based Approach to Security

Blend preventive and corrective approaches to security, define governance guardrails and use analytics to identify and address anomalies

Ensure Compliance for Multi-Cloud Environment

Manage complex compliance and risk management through automation, standardization and continuous monitoring, generate timely audit reports and get a unified view of organizational cloud inventory

Gain Insights into Cloud Usage for Cost Optimization

Gain a unified view of cloud usage and optimize opportunities while setting up budgetary controls for cost optimization.

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