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Technology Solutions for e-commerce & traditional retail

Streamline in-store operations and POS data management.

Cloud-based digital solutions to automate warehouse operations, inventory management, distribution and logistics

Using data and video analytics to garner insights to increase operational efficiency and deliver customer delight

How we Help Meet Business Goals

At Digitech, our focus is to deliver technology with a purpose

Our SMEs start by understanding the business goals of the customer. We work backwards from there to design digital solutions to meet these overarching goals.

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Revenue growth per store thanks to Digitech’s data and video analytics solution.

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Reduce warehousing and distribution costs by using data analytics for better inventory planning.

Our SME and Consulting-Led Approach drives growth and cost savings

While automation and digital transformation are critical, it is paramount that every digital initiative has a focused business outcome.

Improve Customer Delight

Retailers and online stores are constantly looking for ways to improve customer delight and retain customer loyalty. To be able to do this, they need access to data that can provide insights into customer behavior and buying patterns. With improved in-store product display and online product classification, customers can find what they want quickly, which can help improve conversion rates.

Cross-sell and Up-sell to Increase Sales

By analyzing patterns and preferences, online stores can create recommendations engines that can help in cross-selling or upselling by suggesting what other customers with similar purchases are buying. Tracking the clickthrough’s of the customers can help marketplaces understand what the customers are looking for, why they did not make a purchase and make informed decisions on how to improve sales. Promotional campaigns and pricing strategies can be personalized to maximize sales.


In-store analytics can help brick-and-mortar retailers train their staff to provide personalized service, recommend products and engage with customers more effectively. Studying the peak times in the store can also help with improving staffing and break times to ensure that customers get the right attention. This can also help manage staffing costs by employing based on needs rather than throughout the year.

We were able to increase our customer satisfaction metrics and Net Promoter Score by several notches thanks to Digitech. The analytics dashboard they designed to track key metrics was also fantastic.

Head of Business Operations at a leading consumer electronics retailer with 200+ stores.

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