How Digitech Labs helped this global manufacturing company with Advanced Analytics from Shopfloor Data

At a Glance

A Big 5 Management Consulting firm was brought in by the board of the manufacturing company to implement Industry 4.0 methodologies across all their manufacturing locations. The consulting firm roped in Digitech to implement several technology layers across cloud, IoT, and analytics.

The Context

The manufacturing company made its expectation very clear right from the start. It didn’t want to implement Industry 4.0 methodologies for the sake of it. Rather, in line with Digitech’s philosophy, the company wanted to ensure any technology implementation had a clear business case and a specific purpose. 

Having said that, it also wanted to lay the foundation for future growth, so a short-term only solution wouldn’t help. While their short-term goal was to digitize factory operations and use shop floor data better to enable decision-making, the goal was to build an overall digital transformation program wherein this wouldn’t be a siloed effort of gathering data from only factories.

The Solution

In collaboration with the management consulting firm, our data engineering team comprising engineers and data scientists, proposed the following step-by-step approach.

The Outcome

The manufacturing company appreciated Digitech’s approach of sticking to our expertise in cloud, analytics and AI, while leveraging the management consulting firm’s domain expertise and access to data that came in extremely handing to build the AI model.

Some of the direct benefits of this engagement include:

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