Strengthening Cybersecurity for a $35 Billion E-Commerce Giant

Client Profile

Our client is a $35 billion e-commerce giant with a vast digital ecosystem spanning numerous subsidiaries. Given their extensive infrastructure—including applications, networks, cloud services, and internal portals—they sought to fortify their cybersecurity framework.


  • Limited Visibility

    The client struggled to see all devices (assets) on their network, leaving them vulnerable to potential threats.

  • Disparate Landscape

    Inconsistent security measures across different parts of the company made management and oversight difficult.

  • Uncertain Efficacy

    The client was unsure if their existing security protocols could withstand modern cyber attacks and desired a thorough assessment and improvement of their defenses.

Our Solutions

  • Advanced Attack Surface Management (ASM)

    We deployed state-of-the-art ASM techniques to conduct an exhaustive reconnaissance mission. This process involved utilizing a range of tools and methodologies to map out the client’s entire attack surface.

  • Centralized Asset Inventory

    We meticulously created a comprehensive cyber asset inventory, integrating critical details about each asset. This centralized inventory provided the client with complete visibility over their network.

  • Simulated Breach Attempts (Red Teaming)

    To mimic real-world attacker behavior, we conducted red team engagements, simulating various attack scenarios. These exercises were designed to identify weaknesses and test the efficacy of the client’s security measures.

The Outcome

Our collaborative efforts led to a significant transformation in the client’s cybersecurity posture. The tangible results of our partnership included:

  • Discovery of 40% Additional Undiscovered Assets

    By identifying previously unknown assets, we significantly increased the client’s visibility over their network.

  • Enhanced Efficacy of SOC/SIEM Operations

    The improvements in asset visibility and threat detection bolstered the effectiveness of the client’s Security Operations Center (SOC) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems.

  • Strengthened Defense Against Cyber Threats

    The client’s defenses were fortified, making them better equipped to handle contemporary cyber threats.

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